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July 10, 2019


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Making Top Employees – Magnetic Managers

What would you feel if one of your top employees sends you a notice that he or she is going to resign? That would be a shocking moment for any employer because this employee has been doing good but then he or she decides to quit; things just don’t add up, right? Disappointed as you can be, you don’t have a choice but to let the employee go because it is beyond your power. It is important that you keep your cool even if you feel jilted. Questions like “was it my fault my employee quit his job?” will be running around your mind for a long time. You are probably right that it was your fault that your valued employee quit working for you.

The number one reason why employees stop working for a certain company is because they have an unsavory relationship with the rookie manager or supervisor. People come to companies looking for work but they leave companies because of their magnetic managers; this is one thing that you should really look into.”

These guys might probably say that they stopped working to look for a better job that pays better. There was a study that used 19,000 employees as subjects; they were interviewed why they quit their current jobs and around twelve percent said that they left their current jobs for a higher-paying job. If you do the math, you will see that it is not really real that people quit their currents jobs because they want a better paying one. Around ninety percent of the employers think that the main reason why workers stop working because they demand higher salaries. They believe it because that is what they’re often told when reasons are needed. These employees don’t want to jeopardize the reputation and record of the manager that made them quit the job; even at defeat they are still graceful. They should just simply say that they are fed up with the company’s management style and that they are out. To save both parties these employees just let out a white lie saying the other company offered better pay.

There are a lot of bad bosses around that need Magnetic Manager because bad bosses will destroy a business if they are not replaced to trained better. If you are a rookie manager then you have to learn more managing techniques. You need to understand that the management style you have needs changes to help both employees and company get what they want. If you want your company to flourish, you really have to consider having a better management system for both parties to benefit from it.