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July 10, 2019


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How to Cheat the Hair Drug Test

A drug test can be done on a hair sample and you have to note this. Generally, the sample of hair would be collected from your head or any other part of the body. There is a need for you to note that it is very easy and simple to cheat a urine drug test. Some people do not know that ingesting drugs means that the drugs would be in their strands almost forever. Whether a potential employer, current employer, court, or parent asks you to participate in a hair follicle test, you would not have an option but to do so. The fact that a person does not come to work under the influence of drugs means that he or she would not cause accidents, especially when using heavy machines or harmful substances. When you volunteer to donate blood or an organ, the hospital might need to do a hair drug test on you. If you continue reading this article, you would be able to get more info. The points below explain how you can cheat the hair drug test.

It is important to note that you can use some products to pass hair drug test. If your hair has any drugs remaining, the detox products would get rid of such. Moreover, they get rid of essential oils and this means that there is no way drugs can be detected.

Shaving your hair would be a good way for you to cheat the hair drug test. You should not risk it; make sure that you shave your hair in order to pass the test. Shaving is a simple way for you to cheat the test; unfortunately, some people do not know this.

Abstaining firm drugs is also another way for you to cheat the test. You would be able to cheat the hair drug test if you do not take the drugs for 100 days prior to the test.

There is much efficiency with the macujo method. It is a home remedy and would be very effective in getting rid of the drugs. It is important to read the macujo method instructions in order to use it in the right way.

It is important to note that the one-week window is a great way for you to pass the hair drug test. If you take drugs today, the contaminated hair would show above your scalp after an average of one week. Since the hair would not have grown before the end of a week, they would not find traces of drugs in your hair.